Financial Econometrics
Dr. Issac Abunyuwah

Financial Econometrics

Financial Econometrics introduces students to econometrics concepts, tools and techniques in order to equip them with the analytical rigour required by the complexities of today’s economic and financial environment and decision making processes. As an applied course, we will focus on techniques for estimating models; testing/addressing critical hypotheses and assumptions; and interpreting results/model output.   

Course Objectives

The aim is to introduce students to the basics of the theory and practice of econometrics and to give participants the experience of estimating econometric models with actual financial data. As an applied methodological course in economics, it seeks to enrich basic analytical and technical skills of participants to ensure that empirical problems are better formulated and analysed. 

Expected Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the participants should be able to:

·  Evaluate the role and significance of econometric tools in decision making

·  Apply regression tools/models appropriately to empirical analysis.

·  At least, use one basic econometrics software for data analysis